Want to Write about 2-QB Fantasy Football?

I was afforded two great fantasy football writing opportunities this off-season almost immediately after I created this website. The goal of 2QBornot2QB.com was to spread the word about the world of 2-QB fantasy football.

I was able to put out some content on this site, and then I was contacted by the brilliant C.D. ‘Denny’ Carter on Twitter one day, who put me in touch with the fine folks over at SportsJerks.net, where I now write about 2-QB fantasy football leagues. Eventually the amazing JJ Zachariason of lateroundqb.com got a hold of me, and I was writing for two of the best fantasy football sites out there.

All the while, this site became neglected. I want to change that, while also giving back to the fantasy football community, and have decided to open this site up to any 2-QB fantasy writers out there that want to talk/write about 2-QB fantasy football.

The longer this off-season has gone on, the more I’ve seen written about 2-QB fantasy football leagues. John Fortes at FFOasis and Joshua Lake at twoqbs.com, are a couple that come to mind. It’s great knowing there are more people out there that play in and love 2-QB fantasy football leagues.

If you’re such a person and want a chance to write about 2-QB fantasy football, contact me at: sal@2qbornot2qb.com and you can do so on this website.

In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for my 2-QB fantasy football content, you can check it all out on Sports Jerks, and we also have a 2-QB Centric Google+ Community Page!


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3 Responses to Want to Write about 2-QB Fantasy Football?

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Sal.

    For other readers out there, this is a great opportunity, and Sal’s a great guy.

  2. Keith

    We have a long running 2 qb league. We have added a keeper system as well that makes qb drafting even more important. By keeping two qb’s I was able to grab Petersen, Rice AJ Green and others while my friends tried to grab qb’s. try adding a keeper system (we keep two players maximuim and charge a pick higher than the rd picked I.e. Carson Palmer picked in the 9 round costs me an 8 this year if I Keep him is a bargain qb2….

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