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  1. J

    Is Alex Smith a top 24 QB this year?

  2. Michael

    I am the commish of a 10 team league that is switching to 2 QB this season. Many owners are afraid that injury to a QB can too easily derail a team in a 2 QB system. What is your opinions on quality of play/depth of the position for a 10 team league? Is there enough to go around? Does it hamper trading (since everyone will try to hoard QBs in case of injury)? etc

    • In a ten team 2-QB league there’ll be enough QBs to go around. Not everybody will walk away from the draft loving their QB depth, but that’s just a part of the strategy that comes with drafting in 2-QB leagues. If everybody in your league is worried you can put a cap on the max number of QBs each team can draft at 3. That would be a fair compromise.

  3. Jack Sullivan

    My standard league is becoming a ten team 2 QB and ppr league. There is a lot to think about before this draft, it will be very fun. I have first pick in the league. I’m leaning towards choosing AP and I wanted to know what you think? If i picked AP I would most likely go QB right after hopefully TB12. Give me your thoughts

    • I like going non-QB in 10-team 2-QB leagues because there’s usually going to be at least one top QB available when I pick in rounds 2 or 3. And then I like to grab 2-3 QBs middle of the draft, and stream them, based on match-ups, to be my QB2. Not everybody loves the thought of streaming though.

      Having said that, I think going AP first is something I’d recommend in your instance.

      The only thing is that since this is your league’s first time with the 2-QB format the rest of your league might think it’s a priority to draft QBs early, and you could be left with not much to choose from when you’re OTC in Round 2.

      It’s risky but I just find it easier to wait on QBs in 10-team 2-QB leagues, rather than 12-team 2-QB leagues.

  4. Tal

    In an 8 team, 2QB league, is there better value to go RB, QB, WR in the frst 3 rounds or try to snag 2 of the top 16 QBs early?

    • I think it’s a lot easier in any 2-QB league that is less than 12 teams to wait on QB. If you’re flexible, and don’t mind which of the top QB1s is your QB1, I’d wait to take the last of the lot, and grab RBs+WRs until that moment comes. That might even mean you don’t grab your QB1 until Round 3. Is this a 2-QB league you’ve been in before? If so, how do the drafts usually shake out?

  5. Charles


    Question for you. I have the 10th pick in a 10 team 2-QB league with PTD’s worth 6 points. I had the choice of draft picks 7-10 and chose ten, but I had a question on what I should do. I feel like I have 3 options:

    1. Go RB/RB: This would allow me to get 2 solid RBs, and be set on that position, but I think I might be missing out on QBs, which will be essential.

    2. Go QB/QB: If two of the top 3 QBs (Rodgers, Brees, Peyton) drop to me, I’m considering taking both of them, just because the importance of them with 6 PNT PTDs. I think I could then get 2 solid RBs at picks 30 and 31, (thinking reggie/lamar/wilson, maybe MJD or Gore if I’m really lucky, and just getting by with them.

    3. Go QB/RB: I am leaning towards this, because it would allow me to have one of the top QBs (which is important) and a top RB, and then I could get another solid QB at 30 or 31 (thinking Ryan, Stafford) and a RB or top WR if they fall. Or even wait until 50 or 51 and grab Romo (b/c of the TDs).

    Please let me know what you think, and keep up the good work,



    • The QB/RB combo is the best of both worlds, as you get a top QB and a top RB, and then hopefully a decent QB falls to you in the third/fourth, or you can wait and just grab two decent QB2 options and stream them. If Romo falls that late, that would be a steal, and I would love him as a QB2. Not sure he falls that late, but he could. Good luck!

  6. Denny

    I’m in a 10 team 2 QB and ppr league. I have the 8th pick. We are overall scoring thru 17 weeks. No playoffs or Superbowl. We love it.
    My league still drafts RB heavy in the first couple of rounds and I always go QB with my first pick regardless. I’ve had Aaron Rodgers for like 5 straight years. I love watching my QBs on Sundays put up points. I had Rodgers/Ryan last year (3rd place) and Rodgers/ Stafford the year before (I won). This year I’m going to A Rodgers too and I’m thinking P Manning with my 2nd pick and then get 2 of these: CJ2K/MJD/Bush/Sproles/DeMarco and so on…The other option would be to get Forte/Lynch in the second and Stafford/Romo in the 3rd and then another RB.
    I would love to read your thoughts on it.

    • Forte should have a huge year in PPR this year in that Bears’ offense, and I would love him as my RB1 in a PPR league.

      I think a Rodgers/Forte/Stafford or Romo start is pretty good, and would lean towards that option over going Rodgers/Peyton/one of the RBs you mentioned.

      My reasoning is because Forte should be much better than any of the other guys you mentioned, and Staff/Romo or still QB1 options. Sure, Peyton is better, but there’ll be a bigger gap in points between Forte and those RBs, than Peyton and Stafford/Romo.

  7. Carlos Paz

    In a 10 team league, standard scoring, and 4pts for pass td. Who would you take first overall? AP or Brees or Rodgers. If you had to choose, what draft pick would you want as well. 1st, 2nd, 5th, or 10th?

  8. I like waiting to draft a QB in 10-team 2-QB leagues, so I’d go AP.

    Those are all not bad draft spots you mentioned. 1st and 2nd overall would give you one of the top RBs, drafting in the middle, means not having to wait too long between picks, drafting at the end allows you to see how the draft has unfolded, and which position to target.

    I think drafting first overall would be ideal because you guarantee yourself Adrian Peterson. And then can grab back to back good players, in Rounds 2/3, one of which will probably be a QB1.

  9. Michael

    Based upon some of the other posts – I have a feeling I know the answer to this, but here goes:
    10 team league that starts 2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def and 6 reserve spots. 0.5 PPR with 4 pts for passing TDs and otherwise standard scoring.

    We are allowed to retain 1 player (minus their values per cbs). My choices are Rodgers ($19), Matt Forte ($23) or Steven Ridley ($18). ($200 total budget).

    Thoughts on who to retain? I am thinking that QBs will be at a premium at the auction, BUT 3 RBs x 10 teams makes the position scarce.

    • Yeah, 30 starting RBs will make that position quite scarce. I don’t even know if there are 30 RBs I’d want to draft this year. It gets pretty dicey after a while. Keeping Forte, because of the .5PPR bump would be my suggestion.

      At least if you throw Rodgers back somebody will spend a lot of their money on him, and you can find a decent QB1 at an affordable price. With so many RBs needed to be started it doesn’t hurt to get a head start on the position and keep Forte.

      • Michael

        So I’ve been offered a trade in my league (see above for details). I give Aaron Rodgers (cost of $18) and get back CJ Spiller ($30).

        I LOVE Spiller this year, but that is a $12 price difference. Plus – in a 2 QB league (but with 3 RB and 3 WR available), is a top flight QB more valuable?

        • Yeah, it is a $12 price difference, but do you think Spiller would go for less than $30 if he were to be available during the auction process?

          Your league is of the 10-team 2-QB variety, and it starts more RBs than QBs. That’s why I would prefer to keep a RB, over a QB, because of how scarce the RB position is.

          Even if every other team except you were to keep a QB, that would take out 9 QBs. I think there would still be some QBs on the auction block.

          How much do QBs usually go for in your 2-QB league, compared to the RB position?

          • Michael

            This is the first year that we have expanded the rosters (old format was 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex, 1 te, 1 k, 1 d) – so it’s difficult to predict the prices at this time. Under old format – RBs were king and had higher prices (not surprisingly).

            One one hand, I believe that a stud QB is necessary in a 2 QB league. On the other hand – by expanding to 30 RBs – I think getting a top flight one puts me at a clear advantage there. And then I can go out after a Stafford, etc.

            Sorry to keep firing ?s away – but I am also allowed to keep 1 of these guys for free – Vareen or James Jones. Thoughts?

          • If I ask you questions, it’s only fair for you to ask me questions, right?

            I just think the 30 starting RBs takes precedence over the starting 20 QBs, and I’m sure Spiller would go for more than $30 in such a format. Just like I think Rodgers would go for more money than his current keeper value, if you were to let him go.

            Getting somebody like Stafford as your QB1 is not a bad thing in 2-QB leagues. If you can pair him with a couple of cheaper QB2 options like Schaub, Manuel, Alex Smith, your QB depth should be okay.

            Keep Shane Vereen. I love him this year, and you will, too!

  10. Matt B

    Commish of a 10 team 2QB full point PPR with all players new to the format. Decision yet to be made on 4 or 6pt TDs. Can you elaborate on the differences in draft strategy each would bring about? Also can you comment on how going from traditional PPR to 2QB effects draft psychology?

    Also – a player has threatened to hoard QBs to torpedo the league. Is that a viable strategy? Should I cap number of QBs

    Thank you for your time!

    • Hey Matt!

      If it’s 6 points/passing TD, it places more of an emphasis on the QB position. And you might draft them a little earlier. The strategy doesn’t change too much, just that it allows you to wait on the QB position slightly longer.

      The number of teams in a 2-QB league plays more of a part in draft strategy than the value of passing TDs.

      One thing to keep in mind is that rushing QBs take a little bit of a hit in 6 points/passing TD leagues, because their rushing TDs are valued the same.

      Some people like 4 points/passing TD so that the QBs don’t become even more valuable than they already are in 2-QB leagues. Others prefer 6 points because they like all TDs to be the same.

      If you’re worried about a player hogging all the QBs, you can put a cap on the position. I’ve seen a 3 QB drafted max rule in some 10-team 2-QB leagues. You could suggest that.

      The thing is, he can threaten to draft all those QBs, but he’s doing so at the detriment of his team. He can only start two every week. The rest of your league could boycott him, and tell him good luck. You have to draft with the best intentions in mind. He can hoard QBs, but good luck with fielding a competitive team each week.

  11. Sam P

    Im in a 2QB league now for the 3rd straight year and have the task of deciding who to take with the 1st pick. Unlike most standard leagues we have 6 points for a passing TD as well as 6 for a rushing TD. Who would you take between AP/Brees/Rodgers and what would you suggest as a strategy for later on in draft?

  12. How many teams in the league, Sam?

    If it’s 10-teams, I would say AP. I think you can wait on the QB position in 10-team 2-QB leagues, and you would still, hopefully, be able to draft a QB1 when it’s your turn to draft in Round 2/3 picks.

    If it’s 12 teams, I would lean QB, especially at 6 points/passing TD, because those QBs are going to come off the board quickly, and you don’t want to risk missing out on a QB1. Rodgers/Brees is a personal preference, and they are both great choices. You can’t go wrong with either.

    • Sam P

      It’s 10 team, ok thanks… I was leaning towards taking Brees because of AP’s injury risk. Would you take QB/QB in 2nd and 3rd?

      • Sam P

        Do you think it would be a mistake to take Brees with 1 then hope to get a RB/QB with 2nd and 3rd round? or go AP the QB/QB… very tough year in my opinion for #1 Pick

        • I can’t say it’s a mistake to go Brees first overall. It’s a 2-QB league after all.

          If you want an AP like player you have to take him 1st overall. He won’t be there in the second round. Neither will Brees, but a QB1 equivalent will be. There aren’t a ton of RB1s this year, and picking at the end of the 2nd round they could all be gone.

          But drafting a QB 1st overall is never something I would say not to do in a 2-QB league, I just like to go a different route when it’s a 10-team 2-QB league.

          I agree drafting 1st overall is tough this year in 2-QB leagues. Hey, you could always try to trade the pick, and see what you get. Somebody might want to pay the premium to draft 1st overall.

          • Sam P

            If I were to pick brees what would you suggest for later rounds? I just think it might be easier to pick later picks if I get AP in first round because there is much less depth

  13. With you not having another pick until the 4th round, that wouldn’t be a bad idea, if you were to go AP in the first.

    If you want to go Brees 1st overall, go ahead. It’s your team and you want to draft a team that you like, and that you want to root for.

    You said you’ve been in your 2-QB league for three years now. How have QBs generally been drafted in that league? And how do you usually draft?

    This is how I approach 10-team 2-QB leagues:

    I will say right off the bat, that strategy is not for everybody though. It’s just a suggestion.

    I like waiting on QB in 10-team leagues, because it gives me a chance to build the rest of my roster, and I can usually find a QB1 I like in the third round.

    Every league is different though. If QBs generally fly off the board in your league, and you don’t want to miss out on a QB1, then you have to follow suit.

    • Sam P

      Awesome thanks a lot :)

      • How late are you looking? Second round, third round, 8th round?

        You can check out this 2-QB ADP data:

        That will give you some ideas of who to draft late.

        • Sam P

          im thinking second rounds… the problem I have with AP is his consistency… obviously if he repeats its a great pick. Brees on the other hand is a much more consistent performer… very tough spot if only I could get both haha.. what would you look for if you took AP with 1? sorry for so many questions

          • No worries, man. There’s never such a thing as too many questions when it comes to your fantasy football team. I’m the same way.

            If you go Brees in the first, you got your QB1 and two back-to-back picks. At least one of those next two picks should be a RB. You’re going to need to secure your RB1. After that you can go another RB, maybe a WR, or another QB, if you want to secure the services of two top QBs.

            By that point in time you will have seen how your draft has unfolded, and you’ll get to see who’s available, which positions are a premium, etc.

            If you go AP first overall, you’ll mos def want to draft whichever of the top QBs are left, and either another QB, or another RB.

            The tricky thing with drafting first overall is that you have such a long wait in between picks, and a lot of the players you want will be drafted. That’s just the way it is.

            AP doesn’t have to be the first RB taken. It’s hard to pass him up, but there are other guys like Charles/Martin/Spiller, etc.

            Is your league PPR? What’s the starting line-up?

  14. Sam P

    yes its 0.5 PPR and 2 QB 2 RB 3WR 1TE and a flex kicker and Defense

    • Cool. If you go Brees, look at RB for sure. Maybe RB/RBor WR or RB/QB.

      If you go AP, consider a QB/QB.

      In the end, you might be at the mercy of what the board gives you.

      Also, don’t be afraid to reach for a guy. Knowing there’ll be 18 picks in between turns makes you have to grab a guy earlier than expected, because they might not be there during your next set of picks.

  15. Sam P

    Ok darn, such a tough spot to be in I think if I pass on brees and go AP I will be better off because of the depth at QB.

    • Yeah, in 10-team 2-QB leagues, even if you pass on QB you in the first round should still be able to get a good QB later on. I highly doubt the next 18 picks will be QBs. If that happens then I will apologize in advance for advocating AP over Brees.

  16. Sam P

    Ok thanks haha dont worry you are never to blame

  17. Just follow me on Twitter (@2QBFFB). I always tweet out links to new articles, including 2-QB ADP.

  18. Cheesesteak

    Any idea on sites where I can join some 2qb mock-drafts?

    Thanks for the site…I’ve been in a 2qb league for 10 yrs now and there’s not much info out there for these leagues and you can’t fully trust all the rankings and mock drafts because the approach is so different when starting 2qbs.

    • If you can’t find a place to join a 2-QB mock, you can always start your own on

      I try to put on live 2-QB mock drafts when I can. Follow me on twitter @2QBFFB and whenever I have a mock, I always tweet out looking for drafters.

      Same thing goes with @FFMagicMan and @JB4tes They do 2-QB mocks, too.

      Yeah, every 2-QB league is different, and I’ve been trying out different strategies in different 2-QB mocks. Just finished a 16-team 2-QB mock and that was crazy.

      Thanks for reading! Hope you’re digging the 2-QB content at Sports Jerks.

  19. MG

    hi Sal!-
    I m in a 8 team 2 QB PPR league. I have the 6 th and 11th 22th 27th.. In a 2qb 3rb 4 wr 2te 1k 1def . It all depends on the draft but I think I may go RB,QB,QB,WR. There are 12 or 13 top level QB I would like to 2 of those 12/13. Could you give me your top draft picks 16 for my format? Or the link for the most recent mock/ADP . . If you have any opening for a 6th pick in mock draft for 2qb ppr let me know. Any help will be great!
    Thanks mg

  20. Here’s a link to the most recent 2-QB ADP I have:

    For 8-team 2-QB leagues I think it’s safe to bypass the QB position in the first round, and you already have yourself a group of 12-13 QBs, so you should be fine.

    I like your RB/QB/QB/WR strategy. I might even push QB a round further, and wait until the 3rd round to grab my QB1. With only a max of 16 QBs starting each week, you could look to fill a couple of your 3RB/4WR starting spots.

    But not everybody is willing to wait that late on their QB1.

  21. wayne

    I have been in this league for a few years now and this year we have dropped to 8 teams and added 2 qbs in a ppr. bonus points for 250,300,350. same for backs and recievers 100,125,150. In the past maybe on qb goes in the second round and maybe 3 by the end of the second round. I think I can hold off and go back to back qbs in the 4th and 5th round and get maybe Stafford,romo,luck. what do u think. We also have 2 flex spots so I think backs and recievers are huge.

    • I think that would be ideal. Kind of easy waiting on QBs in an 8-team league, and I would have no problem if you wound up with Stafford/Romo as your starting QBs in the 4th/5th round.

      Going non-QB early will allow you to fill out the rest of your roster, and grab some nice studs at RB/WR, which can come in handy when you have two starting flex spots to worry about.

  22. Arty

    I’m in a 12 Team, 2 QB league with all TD worth 6 points. My question is, does this type of extreme QB inflation make it worth drafting QBs with your first 2 picks if you miss on the first 5 or 6 RBs? For example, if I end up with pick 11 or 12, I could possibly go Stafford and Romo or maybe even Brady and Luck. My plan going into the draft is to get a top RB and a top QB if I get a snake/end pick (10,11, or 12), I just wonder if you alter this type of strategy depending on who is left?

    • That’s pretty much the most extreme of the QB heavy 2-QB leagues you can play in, and is exactly the type of 2-QB league I’m in. Except that we’re adding .5PPR to it this year.

      With that many teams, and passing TDs worth that much QBs fly off the board pretty quickly. The best strategies, because they tend to be the only strategies, that I’ve seen from experience are to go QB/QB or QB/RBorWR/QB.

      They key is to get a QB1, and if you can get a second high end QB to be your QB2, it gives you a pretty good advantage. If most teams are drafting QBs, that will push the RBs down the board, allowing you to still draft a quality RB. Whether you go QB/QB or QB/RB will depend on how many QBs and RBs have been taken. Also, if you’ve drafted in this league before, knowing the history and draft tendencies of your league mates will help.

  23. Sam P

    Any new 2qb adp data?

  24. Jake

    Hey i was wondering if i drafted well for my 2qb 8 team league
    qb- Mathew Stafford, RG3
    Rb-CJ Spiller, lesean McCoy
    Wr- Brandon Marshal, Danny Amendola, James jones,
    TE- Martellus bennet or jermiachle finley
    Defense- Steelers
    K-Josh Brown

  25. Mark

    I’m in a league that is 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and D/ST, and the only real alteration is that throwing TD’s are worth 6 points, thus QB’s are at a premium.

    We are allowed 1 keeper, but can’t keep the same one 2 years in a row. My QB’s last year were Cam Newton and Andrew Luck, and actually missed the playoffs. We are judging which round pick we lose our keeps based on Yahoo! ADP which is based usually off of 1 QB leagues, thus I would lose an 8th round pick by keeping Andrew Luck.

    Having said that, I pick 3rd in this draft, and Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning will all be available at least at the start. Given that Brees and Rodgers will go 1-2 and the depth the depth that’s at QB, would it be crazy to take a Running back (Arian Foster will be available) OR taking a dominant WR (since its a 3 WR league) like Calvin Johnson?

  26. Eric


    I’m in a 12-team PPR (1 point per reception), 6 points for every TD (passing/receiving/throwing) league. Does that change your view on picking a QB1 in the first round? Does having the 1 point per reception cancel out the 6 points per passing TD?

    • In a 12-team 2-QB league I’m drafting a QB1 early, usually in the first round. If you’re at the latter part of the first round, 9-12 range, maybe you want a top PPR option instead, and you can go that route, and then grab a QB1 in round two. As long as you come away with one QB1, you’ll be good.

  27. Michael

    Just completed my 10 team auction. (start 2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def, 6 bench spots). (0.5 PPR)
    Here is my roster *
    QBs- Rodgers, Dalton, Rivers
    RBs – Foster, CJohnson, Sproles, Vareen, Woodhead, Redman
    WRs – Bowe, Wayne, JJones, Austin, Givens, GTate
    * = we are allowed to draft as many/as few players as we want at the auction and then supplement thru the waiver wire.

    Two questions:
    1) I need to cut 1 player to add my TE, K and Def. Whom should it be?
    2) The owner who has Ben Tate also has Ridley. He is interested in Vareen. In my situation (as a Foster owner) – should I trade Vareen for BTate straight up? (In a vacuum, I view Vareen as more valuable, but with Foster on my roster?????)


    • Nice team.

      I’d cut Redman, out of those guys. Has the least amount of value.

      Vereen holds more value than Tate, even if you have Foster. So I’d keep Foster. Maybe you can trade Foster to him, if he has a good RB you like.

      • Michael


        That’s the only problem – Ridley is his best RB. (He invested heavily in WRs with CJ/Cobb and QBs with Peyton/Cam).

        Appreciate the advice. Looks like I am rolling with Foster!!!!!!!

  28. jay

    i’m in a new league, 12 teams, standard scoring, 2qb, 2 keeper draft. i have the 2nd pick. how important is drafting a QB, first? I’m worried that if i take A.Rodgers, i will miss out on all the good RB’s. Any thoughts?

    • That’s the thing about new 2-QB leagues. You don’t know if everybody will overdraft QBs, to overcompensate, or if they will treat it like a normal league, and draft QBs accordingly.

      Some 12-team 2-QB leagues will go nothing but QBs, others will take a mix of QBs and RBs.

      The safe thing to do is grab a QB1 early, and then hope a good RB falls. The other option is to grab a RB, and then hope a QB1 falls. Picking second doesn’t really give you much of a chance to see how the boar will fall, and you have to go with your gut.

      I think a 2-QB team needs a QB1 anchor, so you don’t want to miss out on that. The keeper aspect also adds intrigue, because if you grab a guy like Rodgers/Cam, you’re going to have a QB1 locked up. But then if not that many QBs are taken, and somebody like Stafford is available in Round 2, and all the RBs are gone, you won’t be too happy.

      You got two sides to the equation, and you have to try and figure out what you would miss more. How many QBs can you live with as your QB1? Make a list and try to see how long you think they may last on the board. That might help you decide.

  29. Ryan

    Hi Salvatore. I Love the articles and the feedback. Keep it coming, not enough of this for 2QB leagues. I have a question for you. I have recently joined a 10 team, 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, non ppr league. Standard scoring(4pts TD, 1pt 25yd(QB), 6pts TD-1pt/10yrds(WR/RB). Every team has kept 2 players without giving up draft slots. Because I am new they have allowed me to pick 2 players from the rest left over. And then the draft slots will be drawn and the draft will begin. Can you please give me your opinion. Here are the left over notable players available for me. I can pick 2.

    QB: Stafford, Ryan, Kaepernick, Romo, Luck, Vick
    RB: Foster, McCoy, Morris, TRich, Jones-Drew, SJax, Forte
    WR: AJ, Dez, Marshall, Thomas, Jones
    TE: Graham, Gronk


    • So, this is a keeper league? Do you know what keepers the other teams are keeping? How long are you allowed to keep players for?

      • Ryan

        Yes, it is a keeper league. Below is the 9 teams and their picks. We are allowed to keep the players for as many years as you wish.

        Adrian Peterson /Peyton Manning
        C.J. Spiller /Drew Brees
        Frank Gore /Matt Forte
        Cam Newton /Marshawn Lynch
        Tom Brady /Jamaal Charles
        Doug Martin /Robert Griffin III
        Aaron Rogers /Calvin Johnson
        Randall Cobb /Russell Wilson
        Ray Rice /Chris Johnson

  30. Out of those teams, and the keepers available, it looks like three teams will need two starting QBs, and the rest will need one QB.

    That’s 9 teams, needing 9 QBs in total, not including your team.

    I would say since you get to keep the players for as long as you want, take Luck as your QB1. Other than RG3, he’s the only other QB I would want “forever.” He might not be the best QB1 this year, but he’s poised to be one of the best QB1 for decades.

    After that you have a tough choice, because you can either go RB/WR/TE, as you can keep at least one awesome guy from each category.

    I think the second keeper depends on what position you value you most, and which player you prefer. I’d rank them McCoy/TRich/Dez/AJ/Graham/Gronk.

    But that’s just me. You can also go a second QB2, and then draft whoever is left from the group above, as you’ll get one of the top ten guys. But you can always wait and grab a different QB2/QB3 combo later like Bradford/Manuel.

    Your options are quite varied, but as long as you get one QB1, you’re good to go.

  31. Mike

    Awesome blog Sal. I’m looking to commish a new 2-QB league next year and I was hoping you could give some insight on 10 vs. 12 team 2-QB setups. I enjoy 12 team leagues much more than 10 team, but I’m not sure how a 2 QB 12-team league can be successfully implemented without a 2 QB roster max. With a 3 QB max, that leaves 4 teams without a third starting QB. I don’t feel too good about that setup. However, with a 2 QB roster max, it would seem you would be faced with the unpleasant choice of either dropping your top tier QB to waivers or eating his bye week slot.

    All of this makes me feel a 10 team, 3 QB roster max setup is the way to go, but if there is something I’m missing about the 12-team setup, please enlighten me. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Mike. You can find more of my 2-QB writing over at

      That’s where I’ve migrated to.

      If you’re too worried about the QB issues for 12-team 2-QB leagues, it’s best to avoid them. I love 12-team 2-QB leagues, because it really adds to the importance of your draft. You know that if you get that good QB3, you have a very valuable trade asset, when bye weeks roll around. But, of course, you have to decide just how much you’re willing to spend for a QB3. Some will just forgo the QB3, and take the zero for their QB1/QB2 bye weeks.

      Not everybody feels that way, and that’s fine, meaning the 10-team 2-QB league route is the way to go. If you cap the QBs at a max of 3, it ensures everybody has three starting QB options, without being forced to make difficult decisions. However, that will minimzie the amount of trading involved, as all teams should be relatively set at the QB position. 12-team 2-QB leagues will lead to more trading, in theory.

      There are pros/cons to each side, but in the end, what matters is how you and your league mates feel about the set up.

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