New 2-QB Fantasy Football ADP

If you’ve been taking part in @FFMagicMan‘s 2-QB mocks this off-season hopefully you’ve downloaded the 2-QB specific ADP that was been posted on this website. If it wasn’t for Étienne Groulx we wouldn’t have this 2-QB ADP to dissect, so give him a follow on Twitter @curacaobleu, and thank him for his efforts.

You can download the most recent 2-QB fantasy football ADP by clicking on the link below. There’s an overall ADP section, and a positional ADP page.

May 26 Updated 2-QB ADP

Some things to keep in mind when looking at this 2-QB ADP:

  • It’s based on 12 mock drafts: the first 11 @FFMagicMan 2-QB mocks and a live 12-team 2-QB mock draft I put together for Sports Jerks.
  • You will notice that there are both Team Kickers and individual Kicker positions. @FFMagicMan’s mocks have been drafting team kickers, while my one live mock drafted individual kickers, which may have messed around with the ADP data a little.

While twelve mock drafts is a small sample size, it’s all we got, for now, and even though it’s not a lot to go on, it’s a whole lot better than no 2-QB ADP. I’ll be analyzing the 2-QB ADP data closely in the future, but in the meantime, you can check out what I thought of the first eight @FFMagicMan 2-QB mocks and the ADP that resulted from them over at Sports Jerks.


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5 Responses to New 2-QB Fantasy Football ADP

  1. NewYorkGiantsGirl

    : )

  2. Todd

    I do at least 3 drafts a day here on Luv the DraftWizard, but feel it is stalling as time passes. Harvin, Pitta, Gronk questions, and Foster calf concerns have me concerned about the ongoing validity of my mocks! Hope u guys can harness the drafts of everyone utilizing this draft machine to keep up with daily changes in ADP. Anyhow, thanks for loving the 2QB format. Standard leagues are a touch too predetermined to create the fun of uncertainty! “Feeling kinda Sunday”

    • Agree with you about the FantasyPros mock draft tool. Fun to use, but gets kind of predictable.

      If you’re looking for some 2-QB ADP, head over to We have the latest 2-QB ADP data there.

      Glad to see you love the world of 2-QB fantasy football! Good luck with your drafts this year!

  3. Not a reply but a question was wondering if there was a ADP for 10 team 2 qb leagues? Can t find a site anywhere, I have alive draft fri .aug. 16th.Thank you for your help.

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