New 2-QB Fantasy Football Content on XN Sports

If you have an upcoming 2-QB fantasy football draft, lots of new 2-QB content over at You can find it all by clicking on this link.

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August 2013 Updated 2-QB ADP

If you’re looking for updated 2-QB ADP, as of August 2013, you’ll be able to find it at, by clicking on this link.

There’s also tons of new 2-QB content at Sports Jerks, which should help you prepare for your 2-QB league.

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New 2-QB Fantasy Football Article on The Fantasy Bums

I was asked to write about 2-QB fantasy football leagues for The Fantasy Bums, as part of their 2013 fantasy football preview series. I appreciated the opportunity to spread the 2-QB gospel. You can read the article here. Follow The Fantasy Bums on Twitter, if you’re not already.

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Sports Jerks 2-QB Fantasy Football Q+A Open Thread

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to talk 2-QB fantasy football leagues, and ask any 2-QB fantasy football questions you may have, stop by the Sports Jerks 2-QB Q+A Open Thread.

We love talking 2-QB fantasy football leagues, and all questions/comments are welcome!


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Drafting and Streaming Quarterbacks in a 2-QB Fantasy Football Leauge

Let’s assume for a minute that we 2QBers weren’t in the minority when it came to fantasy football.  And let’s also assume for a minute that the vast majority of the draft strategy material that’s out in cyberspace was geared towards us instead of the 1-QB leagues.  And finally, let’s assume for a minute that we had 2-QB league streaming quarterback strategies in abundance, right at our fingertips.   Can you picture it?

Now, let’s wake up.

There are some tremendous fantasy writers who have written about streaming in 2-QB leagues.  JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB) first caught my attention on the subject when he wrote this article.  With excellent value and insight regarding the topic, he laid the groundwork for approaching the draft with streaming in mind.  Another fantastic writer with a 2-QB mentality is Salvatore Stefanile (@2QBFFB).  His piece took it a step further when he incorporated his own strategies and applied them in a 2-QB mock draft.  And while 2-QB leagues are growing in popularity, the truth is that the accessible content out there really isn’t enough to satisfy a real diehard’s itch.  When I read streaming aficionado C.D. Carter (@CDCarter13) discuss his insightful opinions on quarterback streaming, it is under the assumption that the people using this information are in a 1-QB league.  As a manager coming from a different draft strategy, I wonder how their words can have an impact on my needs as a 2QB’er.

Background Work

Using results from a previous article I wrote, in which I analyzed the first three draft combinations of 40 mock drafts, (which can be found here), I looked specifically at quarterbacks that were drafted within the first three rounds of the mocks. I completed 8 different position combinations, each from the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th draft slots.  I used FantasyPros‘ projected season point totals for each player, and tallied up every starting roster’s totals to determine the number of total points each team would accumulate at the end of the season, based off those projections.  Lastly, I determined whether or not a team made the playoffs if they finished in the top 4 teams in point totals.  If we assume there are 10 teams in the league, the top 4 teams usually make the postseason, unless your league’s settings have them differently.  The highest point totals don’t necessarily mean the most wins in a  Head to Head league, but this was the closest replication of playoff-caliber teams in my opinion.  I left some draft results out of this summary that weren’t as relevant to the topic at hand.  The key data points for this QB streaming article are as follows:

Draft   Pick (10-team) QB/QB/? QB/?/? QB/?/QB ?/QB/? ?/?/QB
2nd Rank 7th 2nd 3rd 8th 6th
4th Rank 6th 3rd 2nd 4th 1st
6th Rank 7th 2nd T-3rd 1st T-3rd
8th Rank 4th 1st 5th 7th 6th
10th Rank 6th 3rd 2nd 7th 1st

*   ? = a RB/WR/TE selected in that spot

** These rankings are based on overall points for starting rosters only


What can we draw from this data?  Let’s look at the 3 columns highlighted in red.

  1. Going QB/QB in the first two rounds led to some of the worst rankings in the mocks.  Assuming a 4 team playoff bracket, only 1 roster is making the postseason
  2. Drafting an elite QB in the first round, and then concentrating on high upside skill players, generally led to a top-3 finish in overall points.  All 5 rosters made the playoffs.
  3. Waiting until the 3rd round for a QB is hit or miss, based on the skill players you surround him with.  Two first place finishes and a tie for 3rd place led to 3 out of 5 rosters making the playoffs.  High risk/high reward type rosters

Being that QB/QB is essentially out of play, it brings us to the original point earlier regarding QB streaming.   It appears that spending one of your high draft picks on a quarterback is a solid foundation for a consistent team.  Now the question remains, how can we get maximum value out of the second quarterback slot position?  Because let’s be honest, if your QB1 is locked and loaded, and you then turn your focus on RBs and WRs for the next four to five rounds, you’re not getting a strong QB2 in round six.  Which is where streaming your second QB comes into play.

Future Draft Strategies

Using Average Draft Position (ADP) from FantasyPros experts and a QB Strength of Schedule (SOS) chart by Chet Gresham (@Chet_G), I’ve created an effective plan to cure your QB2 needs.   First, I determined the quarterbacks with middle to low ADP.  Let’s assume you are in a 10-team league.  That means there will be 20 starting quarterbacks playing in your league any given Sunday.  Taking this into consideration, I looked at quarterbacks with ADPs ranging from 18-32, because this is where you will likely be drafting from if you choose to wait on your second quarterback.  I then removed quarterbacks who I will not be targeting this year, either due to inefficiency or a lack of NFL experience.  These quarterbacks include Mark Sanchez, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Chad Henne, E.J. Manuel and Matt Flynn.  If you are a believer in any of these guys, feel free to replicate this process with them.  And good luck.

Once that list was complete, I looked at the SOS for each of these quarterbacks.   I included an abridged version of Chet’s chart below, showing only the quarterbacks (and a few other low ADP quarterbacks) I focused on for this article.  You can get the full version here.


Quarterback Strength of Schedule 2013 Grid. Used with permission from Chet Gresham.

Quarterback Strength of Schedule 2013 Grid.
Used with permission from Chet Gresham.

Now I focused on the best pairings, given the relative ease of their opponents.  I selected 10 total pairings, and counted the number of weeks that either of the two quarterbacks had an “easy” opponent (marked in blue on the chart), or a “medium” opponent (marked in green on the chart).  For clarification, any defense ranked #22-32 vs. the pass is classified as “easy”.  Any opponent ranked #16-21 vs. the pass I ranked as “medium”.  Additionally, I included two columns that focused solely on match-ups in weeks 14-16, which is when fantasy playoffs usually commence.  Here are the results:

Player Combo Easy Opponent Medium Opponent Easy Opponent week 14-16 Medium Opponent week 14-16
Alex Smith/Phillip Rivers 12 2 3 0
Carson Palmer/Jay Cutler 11 4 3 0
Jay Cutler/Alex Smith 11 5 3 0
Matt Schaub/Sam Bradford 10 4 3 0
Matt Schaub/Sam Bradford 9 5 3 0
Jay Cutler/Ryan Tannehill 9 6 2 1

Now, for arguments sake I included one more quarterback to this experiment that has higher ADP than where I targeted for this article.  Tony Romo (ADP 12) can have a huge impact on your team if he falls to you in later rounds.  Or, you can target him at his current ADP, and grab his handcuff later on.  While Romo doesn’t really fall in the “streaming” caliber of quarterbacks, he has the third easiest schedule vs. the pass in the NFL.  If you decide to use a higher draft pick in order to get him, it can potentially pay huge dividends.  Here is what your QB2 situation could look like if Romo found his way on your team:

Player Combo

Easy Opponent

Medium Opponent

Easy Opponent week 14-16

Medium Opponent week 14-16

Tony Romo/Alex Smith





Tony Romo/Phillip Rivers





Tony Romo/Jay Cutler





Tony Romo/Josh Freeman






What this data shows us is that by pairing certain quarterbacks together, you can have up to 14 “easy” opponents in a 16-game season, including playoffs.  Even if you take Romo out of the equation, and only include quarterbacks in the 18-32 ADP range, you can still get up to 12 easy opponents, with all three playoff games with the “easy” label.  Clearly Alex Smith or Phillip Rivers is no Drew Brees.  However, when paired together, they can have comparable point totals over the course of a season.  Additionally, streaming your QBs allows you to completely bypass difficult match-ups as well, based on SOS.  Brees (rank # 31), Stafford (#28), Brady (#21), Rodgers (#18) and Wilson (#17), all are ranked in the bottom half of the SOS chart.  Taking less talented quarterbacks, but putting them in a great position to succeed, is what streaming a quarterback is all about.  The question is, will you be bold enough to make it happen when you’re on the clock?


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Want to Write about 2-QB Fantasy Football?

I was afforded two great fantasy football writing opportunities this off-season almost immediately after I created this website. The goal of was to spread the word about the world of 2-QB fantasy football.

I was able to put out some content on this site, and then I was contacted by the brilliant C.D. ‘Denny’ Carter on Twitter one day, who put me in touch with the fine folks over at, where I now write about 2-QB fantasy football leagues. Eventually the amazing JJ Zachariason of got a hold of me, and I was writing for two of the best fantasy football sites out there.

All the while, this site became neglected. I want to change that, while also giving back to the fantasy football community, and have decided to open this site up to any 2-QB fantasy writers out there that want to talk/write about 2-QB fantasy football.

The longer this off-season has gone on, the more I’ve seen written about 2-QB fantasy football leagues. John Fortes at FFOasis and Joshua Lake at, are a couple that come to mind. It’s great knowing there are more people out there that play in and love 2-QB fantasy football leagues.

If you’re such a person and want a chance to write about 2-QB fantasy football, contact me at: and you can do so on this website.

In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for my 2-QB fantasy football content, you can check it all out on Sports Jerks, and we also have a 2-QB Centric Google+ Community Page!


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Sports Jerks will be my Exclusive 2-QB Writing Home

Going forward you will be able to exclusively find my 2-QB fantasy football articles at Sports Jerks, where they have conveniently created a section for my 2-QB league pieces. All you have to do is click on this link and you will find all my work there.

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New 2-QB Fantasy Football ADP

If you’ve been taking part in @FFMagicMan‘s 2-QB mocks this off-season hopefully you’ve downloaded the 2-QB specific ADP that was been posted on this website. If it wasn’t for Étienne Groulx we wouldn’t have this 2-QB ADP to dissect, so give him a follow on Twitter @curacaobleu, and thank him for his efforts.

You can download the most recent 2-QB fantasy football ADP by clicking on the link below. There’s an overall ADP section, and a positional ADP page.

May 26 Updated 2-QB ADP

Some things to keep in mind when looking at this 2-QB ADP:

  • It’s based on 12 mock drafts: the first 11 @FFMagicMan 2-QB mocks and a live 12-team 2-QB mock draft I put together for Sports Jerks.
  • You will notice that there are both Team Kickers and individual Kicker positions. @FFMagicMan’s mocks have been drafting team kickers, while my one live mock drafted individual kickers, which may have messed around with the ADP data a little.

While twelve mock drafts is a small sample size, it’s all we got, for now, and even though it’s not a lot to go on, it’s a whole lot better than no 2-QB ADP. I’ll be analyzing the 2-QB ADP data closely in the future, but in the meantime, you can check out what I thought of the first eight @FFMagicMan 2-QB mocks and the ADP that resulted from them over at Sports Jerks.


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Updated 2-QB Fantasy Football ADP

Another @FFMagicman 2-QB fantasy football mock draft is in the books. And thanks to Etienne Grouix, who you can find on Twitter (@curacaobleu), we now have access to an updated 2-QB ADP database, that includes the 6th 2-QB mock draft that ended recently.

Click here to view the previous 2-QB ADP data post, where you can download a 2-QB ADP spreadsheet that covers the first five 2-QB mock drafts.

Below, you’ll find a downloadable 2-QB ADP data spreadsheet, which has been updated to include the most recently completed 6th 2-QB mock draft. The spreadsheet consists of two pages: one for overall 2-QB ADP; with the other sorting ADP by position.

First Six @FFMagicman 2-QB Mock Drafts ADP

Enjoy the data for now, because it will change, with the more 2-QB mock drafts that finish. You also need to remember that it’s only based on six 2-QB mock drafts, which is a small sample size.


Another two 2-QB mocks ended, and Etienne has provided us with an updated ADP database. Now we have eight total 2-QB mock drafts included in the 2-QB ADP data.

Here’s the downloadable spreadsheet for the first eight 2-QB mock drafts:

First Eight @FFMagicman 2-QB Mock Drafts ADP


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2-QB Fantasy Football ADP

As awesome as is for all our Average Depth Position (ADP) needs, we’re pretty much out of luck when it comes to finding ADP data for 2-QB fantasy football leagues.

If you’re drafting in a 2-QB fantasy football league and use the MyFantasyLeague ADP it’s not going to be the most accurate data, as, for the most part, the MyFantasyLeauge ADP is tailored to 1-QB leagues. That’s understandable though, because most fantasy football leagues only require one starting quarterback. Not everybody plays in only 1-QB fantasy football leagues though.

There are a number of different types of fantasy football leagues, be it 2-TE 1.5 PPR leagues, or 2-QB leagues. You can pretty much create a fantasy league to meet any of your scoring league/starting roster whims. Want to start an ALL-22 league, where you start two players at each position, with only two bench spots? Then go for it.

Before I get too off track, it’s time to focus on the real purpose of this article, which is to tell you, my fellow 2-QB fantasy football fanatics, that, thanks in large part to Etienne Grouix, also known as @curacaobleu on Twitter, we finally have some 2-QB ADP data to look over.

Before I release the Kraken, or, the 2-QB fantasy football ADP, I wanted to fill you in on the details. First thing, this 2-QB fantasy football ADP, is based on only five 2-QB mock drafts. Secondly, if it weren’t for the awesome Micah James, @FFMagicman on Twitter, who has kindly taken the time to host 2-QB mock drafts, through MyFantasyLeague, we wouldn’t have this 2-QB fantasy football ADP data to go over.

Up to this point, there have been eight 2-QB mock drafts held, but when Etienne hooked me up with the 2-QB ADP, only five of the drafts had been completed. I didn’t want to look at ADP data from incomplete mock drafts, so I asked him for ADP data from the five completed mocks, which he gladly provided.

Some things of note with these five 2-QB mock drafts: the mock drafts have all had different scoring formats/rules. Some have been 12-team leagues, some have been 10-team leagues, some are 4 points/passing touchdown, some are 6 points/passing touchdown. The first 2-QB mock began on March 31st, and the 5th 2-QB mock ended on April 27th.

With those details out of the way, I can now present you with the ADP data Etienne put together, strictly for 2-QB fantasy football leagues.

Below you’ll find a downloadable spreadsheet, with two pages. One page has the overall 2-QB ADP, and the other shows the ADP for each particular position.

First Five @FFMagicman 2-QB Mock Drafts ADP

Enjoy looking over the data, but keep in mind, that it’s only based on five 2-QB mocks. A very small sample size. Look for a follow-up post from me analyzing the data. I just wanted to get it out there for now.


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